Hello everyone! First things first.  My name is Kristan, I’m 34 and I’m a housewife.  I’ve been married for 3 years but I’ve been with my husband Rich, for 10.  We don’t have any children just yet but we would love to have at least one and are trying our hardest to make that happen.

My ultimate dream job would be to become the real life Indiana Jones but because I know that’s never going to happen, my 2nd choice (but no where near least) would to be a published children’s author.  The only problem  is that I haven’t written anything in years.  I used to write all the time.  I took creative writing classes at my community college and had gotten great feedback from all of my professors.  It was really exciting.  They made me feel like I had real potential and I probably did; but once those classes ended, my writing slowly tapered off; so far off that I stopped writing all together.  I’ve felt immense guilt about it ever since.  It’s like I have a small, dark rain cloud hanging over my head, gently but persistently reminding me that I’m wasting my brain.

This is where this blog comes in.  I made a few promises to myself this past New Year.  All of which I will be writing about here and hopefully won’t bore any readers I may get.

I promised myself that 2014 was going to bring me health so I will write about my weight loss journey updates here though the depth in which I will go is up for grabs right now.

My second promise was to have a baby which goes hand in hand with my health and weight loss. My biological clock is ticking and it is so loud!

Third – I will read more books!  I love to read.  I was huge reader when I was younger and, just like writing, it has slowed down.  A lot.   I’ve decided to participate in the “how many books can you read in a year” challenge over on Goodreads.  My goal is 30 books and hopefully I will read more but realistically I would like to read at least 2o.  Maybe next year I can up my book count to 100 like all of the cool kids but this year is for reintroducing myself to the love I had (have?) for reading.  I will be writing about  books I’m reading and probably do reviews for some, if not most of them.   If  I can figure out how, I will put a link to my Goodreads page somewhere on this blog but for now, here it is.  Click me for book goodness!

Lastly, my final promise to myself is to write more!  Write a little, write some, write a lot.  Write every day or every other day.  Whatever it is as long as I’m writing.  I need to get back in the swing of things.  I’m so out of it.  This post is the most writing I have done in a long time.  It’s embarrassing but that’s why I’m here.  This blog was created solely for the purpose of getting my brain working again and getting the writing mindset tucked comfortably back in to my once imaginative, creative…mind.

Hopefully I haven’t run anybody off just yet and I hope you stick around.  I can’t promise that I’ll be consistent in my posting or that I’ll be entertaining but I will try my hardest.  I did make those promises to myself and I’d hate to break them.  Life is short and time is constantly running down that clock.  I may have started late but this is where I take off.  I hope you join me on this journey (ugh, I wish I could think of a better term) but if I end up going alone, that’s okay too.  I’m doing this for myself first, companions would just be icing on the cake.

Until next time!